Attractions that your kids can enjoy at Hakone! Here are some places families might be interested in!

There are many tourist attracions for foreign visitors in Hakone, but I’m sure many of you with children will want somewhere your kids can enjoy too. Let us introduce some places that parents can bring their children to. Hakone Aquarium Hakone Aquarium showcases seals with their tiny eyes and cute actions in the Baikal Seal […]

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Check out the Moto-Hakone Stone Buddhas, which have been designated as a Historic Site and Important Cultural Property

You can find a grouping of stone sculptures along this mountain pass that used to be highly dangerous and likened to hell in the past. From end-Kamakura period to the first half of the Muromachi period, warriors and monks who believed in the Jizo Bosatsu developed the area by placing many stone sculptures and pagodas […]

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